Babe Magnet: The James Bondomobile


Well, what do we have here, but a Pontiac POS that’s obviously in the process of restoration by the assistant manager of the world renowned Cable Car Hotel.   Hmmm.  Babe Magnet perhaps?

Smells like San Fran to me, and since the sun seems to be setting, I’d guess that Assistant Manager Baboso is on the night shift, especially since no sane person would wanna be seen within ten feet of this Babe Magnet in the daylight.  To his credit, though, Ass. Man. Baboso knows how to park on a slope.

By the way, the only other image I found of the Cable Car Hotel is this one:

Maybe the owner of the four-wheeled flounder actually LIVES here.  My apologies to the manager.

[Images from here and here.]

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2 Responses to “Babe Magnet: The James Bondomobile”

  1. Joey Says:

    I could be wrong, but the Bondomobile looks like a Mopar product.
    Cuda, perhaps?

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Joey– You’re prolly right. Had I seen the south side of the Bondomobile with the missing grille I’d have nailed it. Good eye… You’re welcome back here anytime.

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