I Married a Hot Links


Whips and boots and red jumpsuits. These are a few of my favorite thoots.

Savants, an amazing collection of stories and videos found at Neatorama.

Click on the ball and it changes color. Really. (from Phil).

Babble + Google = Gabble.  In Google’s “Search Images,” type in letters/numbers at random until you end up with just one image that matches your search. Send us your best, and we’ll include them in a future post. [Paste these and see what you find, then find your own:  rpfdfa;  ptqdeh;  ktsaxz.]

Google Minus Google.

Infinity + 1 = Infinity; so Infinity – 1 = Infinity also; then
Infinity + 1 = Infinity – 1;  Therefore, +1 = – 1.

Here’s proof that you can’t Google Chuck Norris.

35 Greatest Works of Reverse Graffiti here.

Mo Beever Mo Betta.

Raincoaster’s Beaver Shots.  Yer on yer own.

Map of locations where album covers were photographed.

Ooh!  Move over, Jimi! We’ve got The Faber Castell Experience!


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