More Hot Covers


(Ciclk ot mkae tehm bgeigr.)

What scares me about these is that they have SOUNDS. SOUNDS that someone liked enough to purchase, so that they could hear the SOUNDS over and over again.  (I completely understand wanting to have THIS compilation, and if I ever get a cell phone, the ringtone’s gonna be Leonard Emmanuel’s “Old Timey Holler.”)

[Strider has an excellent collection of crappy album covers, with commentary, here.  Related TR archive post here. New crappiness from here.]



2 Responses to “More Hot Covers”

  1. nursemyra Says:

    I’d like a copy of Music for Big Game Hunters for the Gimcrack’s collection

  2. Crappy Album Covers #42 — Sucking out loud « Strider’s Journal Says:

    […] 29, 2008 by strider Thanks to some folks like Bunk Strutts, I have access to some more awful album covers to comment on. Thing is, I will have to make my […]

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