December 7th


7 December 1941.  Remember Always.


Although Japan is no longer our enemy, there are others willing to do it again.  Is our government’s new administration willing to accept this probability, or are they going to ignore the odds and wait until history repeats itself?


2 Responses to “December 7th”

  1. G Eagle Esq Says:

    Merhaba, EFfendi Bunk

    So traurig

    but so many interesting lessons for those who have eyes and minds to see

    Battleships look so impressive …. until they face a Competent Opponent …. and then all can see that Battleships are really expensive masses of Junk & Scrap Metal

    This the Japanese demonstrated at Pearl Harbour (errr …. HarbOr) – the Americans saw they should focus on Carriers and not Battle Wagons

    but so sad that so many brave Americans (& the occasional Japanese Aviator) had to die or be injured, to learn this lesson

    Wasn’t there some “eccentric” American Aviator who realized this in 1925 and got court-martialled for this


    G E

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Bienvenidos El Eagle Gris–

    The aviator you refer to is “the Father of the Air Force,” Brigadier General Billy Mitchell. He was an early proponent of using aircraft for military purposes and argued against both Army and Navy superiors who didn’t realize the value of airpower.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he foresaw an attack by the Japanese as early as 1925. He was court-martialed instead for insubordination when he accused superiors of incompetence after a Navy dirigible crashed during a storm, killing 14 personnel.

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