Coupla things made my day recently.  Two weeks ago my home computer incompletely crashed due to an incomplete installation of a WidNows update.  Undoing the installation didn’t help, neither did rebooting in safe mode to run the ineffectual WidNows reset program.  Manually uninstalling the corrupt update changed nothing and I was left with a crawling computer… but at least it could still access the internest.

Avanquest’s Fix-It Utilities saved me by allowing me to bypass WidNows and undo what WidNows wouldn’t.  After trying a variety of combinations, SOMETHING GOT FIXED!  I highly recommend Fix-It Utilities for emergency repairs.  Honest unpaid testimony.

But my HP scanner still wouldn’t work, due to a corrupted WidNows install file.  Reinstalling the driver didn’t take, even in Safe Mode.  Uninstalling and reinstalling twice, did.  I’m mystified, but happy.

BUT THAT’S NOT THE BEST NEWS.   I beat the traffic caused by Obama’s motorcade (with a half dozen military helicoptor escort) in time to find out that I won a cool caption contest prize from Reforming Geek.

Made my day.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

6 thoughts on “YAY”

  1. congrats on the cool caption prize!
    … and lucky you for beating the motorcade. The only thing I have to worry about getting stuck behind is my van … and since I’m driving it, I think I’m alright.


  2. congratulations! Hey include a link to the winning pic…please please please pretty please? It didn’t come up (or I haven’t had enough caffeine yet) on the other site. Thanks for the fix it link as well. Gee I had the same problem with that update. Grrrrrrrr.


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