New Age Hair


nosehairOccasionally our esteemed web miners at Tacky Raccoons run short of post ideas due to prior commitments and responsibilities (like, um, well, other important stuff.)  When we run out of unique post images or topics, we resort to a simple parlor trick:  Google an image of a random word,  see what pops up,  and exploit it for pennies on the dollar.  (You wanna see LEDs on sheep? You won’t find it here. We don’t play the viral game.)

Today we’re talking new age hair.*

As we age, our bodies change in ways we only laughed about in grade school.  A few long eyebrow hairs are kinda cool, but ear hair is not.  Nor is the onslaught of middle age nose hair.  I have all three.

Fortunately, modern technology provides the answer for two-thirds of them, and the vacuum abhorred by nature is filled by this wonderful creation:


Be forewarned that if you use this appliance for ear hair, it will change your eye color as well as the color and pattern of your shirt.

For sale here at the low price of $5.99 (unfortunately no used ones are listed.)  Get one for each nostril for only $11.98 plus snipping and handling.  An optional stainless steel flail attachment is available to grind out the crusties.

Not for use as a unowot, regardless of crusties.

[Image found here. Nose Hair Opinion Poll results here.]

  • Actually I googled “nose hair” because  I needed a trim, and my trimmers weren’t in my dop kit on the bathroom counter.  Turns out Mrs. Strutts borrowed them to prune some miniature roses, and my little pair of nose hair scissors has morphed into a gardening tool.

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One Response to “New Age Hair”

  1. theliteraryhorse Says:


    I know some kids who will so totally GROSS OUT on this (in a good way).

    Oops. The LED sheep went viral? Dang, here I thought I’d found an original. Oh the shame, the shame. My blogging head hangs.

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