Stump Bunk


We’re up to about 17 regular viewers here after thousands of hours of effort, and it’s starting to pay off.  As we drift aimlessly into Our Third Annum of existance, our Crack Team of Webminers suggested another poll.  It’s a very simple yes/no thingy, and it’s free.

CTW thought we might want to venture into the realm of comments, i.e., post nothing of substance, but use the post itself as a comment generator.

We’re gonna ignore the poll for now, but leave your pertinent questions in the comments section and we’ll respond after leaving the toilet seat up and flushing with our feet. Depending on the volume (of questions) we may answer all in one post, or spread them out over the lawn to hose ’em down later.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

10 thoughts on “Stump Bunk”

  1. harold– Ditto, but we have few of those here. Maybe it’s a good thing.

    FinPeng– Sorry, bro. You’re not allowed to be amused here without permission.

    S. Le– I’ve tossed this babozo out into the catbox before, thought I’d try it again… The majority of our readers are quiet types, so I don’t know if the concept would work. Very little of what we post here requires much thought, so I assume you’re just trying too hard.

    cbull– No and no. But I’ll give you the benefit of snark by linking here and here.


  2. I have two questions…

    1. I have to mulch a playground. It is 30′ x 50′, the mulch needs to be 3″ thick. How many yards do I need?

    2. Can mules really see in the dark?


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