11/10/09 08:07:06 PST

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

11 thoughts on “11/10/09 08:07:06 PST”

  1. You, I imagine have seen the ads for the new “Prisoner” with Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen? It appears to have been taken way too seriously.

    It will have none of that wonderfully comedic ’60s, Avengers quality where the patently hallucinogenic was blithely accepted as routine reality.


  2. cbull– I don’t have cable and don’t watch TV much, but I did see the trailer… Looks like Rover’s grown some. Maybe it’ll be worth watching, but it’s kind of like trying to sing “Mack The Knife” when your name is neither Bobby Darin nor Louis Armstrong.

    Necro– Quick! When’s the next one?


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