Why Boobs?

On the previous post, we mentioned boobs, and here’s why. For years WordPress discouraged advertisements on its platform, and apparently a lot of peeps complained enough to get them to change their policy.

Several months ago we received an offer from WP, that due to the level of traffic and other factors, Tacky Raccoons might be eligible for embedded advertisments with the promise of becoming filthy rich.

Okay the filthy rich part was not in the agreement, but we decided it was worth a shot, even if it only funded a couple of beers a month. So now we have adverts. The first one that showed up was this:

Yep. The algorithm that generates ads decided to eliminate raccoons and sell poop-shaped pillows. Made me smile, and that brings us back to boobs.

The word “boobs” generates a lot of traffic, and if we can make a few clams by posting other phrases like “Lesbian Amputee Dwarf Porn” then so be it. It’s an experiment, and no, we’re not going to start posting pictures of humongous breasts,  sex trapeze circus bimbos, or naked silicone sluts smothered in Chee-Tos. Carry on.

Update: When I previewed this post prior to posting, this ad showed up:

I think someone’s trying to tell me something.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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