Pew Pew Pew



“Each AK-47 Paper Model Kit comes with all the materials and instructions to construct this amazingly life-like paper model of an AK-47. [via]

Here’s a solution to the Anti-2nd Amendment (Anti-Self-Defense) crowd.

I propose that every child over the age of 10 be instructed in the safe handling and use of firearms; and that every adult shall be required to purchase, carry and display either a genuine weapon or a paper facsimile (painted flat black) at all times. The criminal element will be unnerved and uncertain as to who might return fire.

Licensed law-abiding citizens who desire to may carry the real deal, while those who are scared of the prospect of having to defend themselves with weaponry may use this inexpensive biodegradable camouflage and hope that a thug doesn’t challenge them with a flick of the Bic to the barrel. If that happens, the masquerade is as effective as a blackened bratwurst in a toilet paper tube.

But that won’t happen because Mister Gangbang can’t be sure that the real deal isn’t aimed at Mister Happy by an unseen bystander – with a bright red laser sighted on his cojones.


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