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Update: I suspected that it might be a very good photoshop, but I was wrong. It’s a 65 year-old beech tree in Bulgaria. Via UK Daily Mail 1 June 2016:

Deyan Kossev, 49,  spotted the unusual tree when he was hiking through the forest, saying “nobody knows” why the trunk and branches have formed this way.

“I was walking through the mountains when suddenly I spotted him. I was speechless and stopped in my tracks. It was surreal, it looks exactly like a man does. It has the legs, arms, body and head of a man and they are all in proportion too.”

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2 Responses to “Treebeard”

  1. Lady of Poems Says:

    Wow! That’s real?

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Lady– I just did a Tineye search, and it shows up at Reddit under PS Wars and was about to dismiss it as a Photoshop. Then I found a story in The Daily Mail – apparently it’s real, and I’ve posted a link to the story above. Thanks for inspiring me to find the source. 😀

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