When City Planners Compete


“Make a slight right, then turn kinda left, then turn kinda almost left, then turn right and get into the left lane, then veer north at the light. I’m at 3rd liquor store 9 blocks down on the left.”

If GPS ever goes down, we’re screwed.

[Found here.]


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2 Responses to “When City Planners Compete”

  1. Sarthurk Says:

    Take a look at Newport, Oregon on Google Earth. The design was supposedly done that way to prevent folks from running through intersections on Hwy 101 in the middle of town. It only causes total confusion for the tourist crowds who are usually already confused. Frankly, I think the plans were drawn up in the back room of the Bay Haven Tavern…late one night.

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Sarthurk– City planners are idealists and creators of unintended consequences. City of LA recently decided that bicyclists need the roadway more than automotive vehicles and removed entire lanes from use by vehicular traffic. This created an absurd amount of congestion in the areas it was implemented and many small businesses suffered great losses in revenue because customers bypassed the clogged routes. Enough of the the business owners complained, and within a year the bike lanes were all but gone.

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