Short Order of Hot Links


Roy Orbison Lives.

This still amuses me.

Head Pong. On a family vacation, there was a British soccer team in town, and two of them were in the motel pool playing volleyball (with a soccer ball) using only their heads. They were amazing. During a break, I asked them “Doesn’t that hurt?” One responded, “Nah. We’re numbskulls.”

Male feminist sucker-kicked a pro-life woman in Toronto ON CAMERA. Once apprehended, he’s going to get some new roommates who frown on that behavior. [3 October Update here.]

For those people who complained about the FEMA Emergency “Trump Alert System,” consider this: All the illegal cell phones in prisons across the U.S. went off as well [h/t Jonco Steel].

Sorry for the short list, but things in meatworld sometimes take precedence. Meanwhile, here’s something from Bunk’s earliest blogging days.

[These] pets are very quiet, don’t demand a lot of attention, and won’t damage the furniture. Plus, you won’t have to clean up their little Number Ones and Number Twos, and they even feed themselves!

Cute Spider

“Jabba” strikes a thoughtful pose. He likes a good story, especially one with a “Charlotte” in it.

Another cute spider

Look! Barney’s laughing! “Little Miss Muffett” cracks him up every time.

Yet another cute spider

Awww. Lulu is sleepy. Sing her a song, something about a waterspout. She likes that one, and will be fast asleep in no time.

Furthermore, they are completely harmless, unless you fall asleep and they crawl down your throat and into your ear canal via the eustacian tube where they make their way up to your brain to control your every move for the next 48 hours before you die a slow painful death as a zombie, eaten from the inside out. Or not.

How can you not love something as furry, adorable and self-sufficent as these little guys?

More cute photos at Dark Roasted Blend.

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2 Responses to “Short Order of Hot Links”

  1. ApacheWarrior Says:

    I love these jumping spiders, so cute and hopefully they eat bugs. We have them here in the Philippines.


  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    ApWarr– Spiders are amazing creatures, but they don’t follow directions.


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