Saturday Matinee – 405: The Movie, Hank Jr., The Cleverlys & Run C&W


That’s my afternoon commute, the southbound 405. Thank God for Imperial Highway, the 105 & the 110, and God bless Wayz!

Heard that on a houseboat on a remote bank of Dale Hollow Lake in 1980, and the song suddenly popped into my head. It’s not PC 40 years later, but I still like it.

How ’bout some pickin’ & grinnin’? Black Eyed Peas ala Bill Monroe performed by The Cleverlys at Larry’s Country Diner.

Run C&W escaped my radar until now. Nice version of Sam & Dave‘s 1966 hit.

IIRC, Sam & Dave were in the Stax studio with the studio session band (Booker T. & the M.G.s). Steve Cropper had just come out of the restroom down the hall when Booker Jones (or Duck Dunn) hollered something like, “Steve! Check out this groove!” Cropper yelled back, “Hold on! I’m coming” and a song title was born.

For decades I thought “M.G.” stood for “Memphis Group.” Apparently not.

Have a great weekend, and may Kansas City pound the 49ers.


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