Milton Friedman’s Brilliance


Pip2Occasionally I’ve commented on a few of your websites, in response to conjecture and political opinion pieces on government economics, welfare, and socialism.  I’m not going to name names;  most of ya’ll are blogging friends, and you already know who you are.  Most of you already know where I stand, as I don’t hide it very well…

I don’t pretend to hide it either.

To our other silent but loyal readers:  It doesn’t matter what I say on someone else’s blog, whether agreeing or disagreeing, venting, castigating, or just having fun.  It’s my opinion, and it’s very very true.

I stand by my worms.

Although I’ve posted Utoobage links to Milton Friedman before, I hadn’t seen this one until tonight.  It’s not a stretch of the imagination that eventually the videos of Friedman’s astute simple logic may soon be banned as “hate speech.”

Note that he rarely referred to his notes, and didn’t need a teleprompter to convey his ideas.  He didn’t need them because he described simple basic truths backed up with historical fact.

Drop your preconceived notions at the door, and listen to what Friedman said, especially as it pertains to our present circumstances.  He spoke volumes of logic in this interview with Richard Heffner of Rutgers University on “Open Mind,” a program that aired in 1975:

Friedman was a prescient genius. Full transcript below the break.

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