More Breaking News: Ask AXE COP!

Good God! The Nicolle Brothers have a goldmine with AXE COP, and Episode 6 is up. Ethan Nicolle reports that since 25 January they’ve been getting 30-45 THOUSAND hits a day, and now they’ve got a splinter thread called “Ask AXE COP.” [Don’t squint, click the image.]

Due to the massive volume of traffic, their site is being revamped to handle the load.

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Breaking News: AXE COP!

AXE COP is the most awesome thing we’ve seen on the internest in years.

Imagine Calvin as the author of a comic strip, and this is what you get. Created and written by a 5 year old, his 29 year old cartoonist brother puts it into action in glorious black and white.

Ya gotta read it from the beginning, Episode 1.  (Episode 0 comes later.) Unfortunately the website is slow to load, and has some other quirks about it, but it’s worth the time.

Superhero Sockarang is my personal favorite.
He shows up in Episode 5:

“Sockarang came to a try out when Axe Cop was preparing to go on a mission to fight Bad Santa and the Evil Flying Book. Sockarang has socks for arms, and he can shoot them out and they return to him like boomerangs. In his fight with Bad Santa he got some of Bad Santa’s blood on him and he got Bad Santa powers, which he used for good.”

[Link via  the Awesome Miss Cellania.]

[Clarification: Although the image above is from the Axe Cop site, the lame-o mspaint editing/coloring  job was our doing for purposes of this post only, with apologies to the Nicolle Brothers.]