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A Hole.

Wednesday, 22 July 2020


From Google Translate:

President of Konya Chamber of Geological Engineers Dr. Fetullah Arık said that in the Karapınar region, 300 potholes occurred until 2017, 9 last year and 11 this year.
Arık also mentioned that the cultivation of water-consuming products such as corn and alfalfa in the region also triggered the formation of the sinkhole. Because there are natural geological factors; but maybe we can slow the formation. This happens if we can slow down the human factors a bit. In the region, many water consuming products such as corn and clover are grown. Considering that parts of Turkey received a rainfall falls below average groundwater level is accelerating the formation of sinkholes.

Yusuf Gültekin, who is engaged in animal husbandry and agriculture in the region, said that they are in constant fear and sometimes pray until morning. Explaining that a sinkhole was formed next to the house in the plateau in 2012, Gültekin said, “By chance, we did not come to our house in the plateau. If we were to come and sit, we could fall into the waist. We destroyed the part of the house near the sinkhole and made it a little further. We got used to this situation, there is nothing to do. These days are becoming frequent. I pray until morning at home.”

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