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Un poco de esto, un poco de ése

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Chairman Pow_Team Assignment 081211

Someone’s about to get pounded, and it’s not the poor soul on the right.  He’s got a pocket force field that rebounds with force x 10.
[Anyone know the story of this dealie? Found here.]

Meanwhile, on a brighter note, the esteemed GE Eagle Esq pointed us to a link on the Beeb:  Raccoons eating “ice lollies.” Can’t embed that one, but it’s cute.

Sea Lion Newport Beach_KTLA 010709

But the UK’s got nothing on US.  Here’s the story from yesterday.  A juvy sea lion with an attitude was captured in Newport Beach, California,  after attempting to pirate a boat, terrorizing children, and refusing to leave the dock.

The sea lion was captured by the Orange County Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol, maneuvered into the fireboat, but it apparently evaded the crew and took the emergency helm in a last ditch effort to humiliate his human captors.  Turned on the sirens, honked the horn, put the vessel in reverse and cranked the throttle to full speed. [Full story here.]

Finally, there’s this, crossposted at Amy Oops:

Spinal Tap Reunion_xyz 090629

Lessee, they’ve now got it turned up to 62, 66 & 61 respectively. I had to look at it, so now its you’re turn. Note that the one on the right is also the 5th Baron Haden-Guest, and is still married to Jamie Lee Curtis.  [Spinal Tap ReOnion pic from here.]

Saturday Matinee: Sheep, Rutles, Spinal Tap & Paul Simon

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Deep down, humans are basically herd animals; subconsciously we like to be part of a group. We all want to belong and to be accepted (no matter how bizarre the requirements for joining that group) as part of the herd.

This clip from Alan Funt’s Candid Camera shows this absurd detrimental human trait in action:

[Found at the always excellent Neatorama; Utoobage link here.]

Some of y’all prolly never heard of the Rutles, and for good reason.  The Beatles blatantly stole their style and wind throughout the 60’s and into and out of the 70’s.  All the girls in Bunk’s elementary school screamed whenever a picture of Stig was posted on the school restroom door.  Honest. [Utoobage link here.]

This is another great band you may have missed if you blinked.  Here’s Spinal Tap’s classic from 1967:  (Listen to the) Flower People. My sister had this 45 rpm (only one she had) and played it non-stop.  Gawd I hated these guys.

I remember the day I bought this album. It was a spring day, I had laundry to do and didn’t have any quarters, so I cashed in a bunch of albums and bought this, putting off the laundry for another week.

Although I had mixed feelings about the 1960’s Simon and Garfunkel thing, this was just Simon, and chicks digged him.  Anyone who can toss lyrics like “I can call you Betty” and “roly-poly little bat-face-girl” into the same pop song and get away with it amazed me.  It also has one of the greatest looped 3-second bass riffs I’ve ever heard.

It wasn’t until I saw this video that I realized just how tall Paul Simon really is. [Utoobage linkoid here.]

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