Saturday Matinee: Donuts!

Eh, go for it. Not impressed. Well, okay I am impressed. Kinda. Or maybe VERY. This guy is THE SKIDMASTER! It’s also no surprise that THE SKIDMASTER is a spokesman for Pirelli… (Sure, D. White set the local record for fastest time drifting sideways down Montgomery Road in the “Blue Goose” in 1975, but he was on ice.)

Looks like the horse is having fun with it, too.

Here’s proof that if you eat a donut, you will be happy, and if you don’t, you will die.

“Donut Song” by Teo Peralez. Sounds like he coulda been a Ramone except for playing acoustic git-fiddle…

[2nd clip from here. The other videoids were found on the YouToobage with a simple search of “Donut.”]

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