Hermann Reiche’s Contribution to the World


Q: How does an elephant hide in a cherry tree?
A: It paints its toenails red. Duh.

Q: How does the elephant get up in the tree to begin with?
A: Go ask Hermann Reiche. Doi.


“In 1891, Hermann Reiche patented a platform “to enable an elephant to climb up a tree.”

I bet he made tens of dollars with this patent, tree branch butts mortised and lag-bolted into a tree stump. Wish I’d thought of it first. What a guy.

[Drawing and caption from Futility Closet. Related post here.]


3 Responses to “Hermann Reiche’s Contribution to the World”

  1. Alpaca the Awesome Says:


  2. Alex Says:

    Stupid stupid stupid! It’ll be chaos when elephants start falling out of trees on to people.

  3. Bunk Says:

    Alex— It’ll be cool. I have a patent on a vierendeel-truss umbrella that’ll be in hot demand… after a coupla people eat it when elephants drop in on them. Looking for investors. You in?

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