Global Warming: It’s a Good Thing


As a unique benefit to viewers of this site, you are hereby entitled to the bona-fide certificate above, to display proudly, to reassure your friends, pets, co-workers and relatives that you are truly concerned about the environment, conscious of things way beyond your control, and that you are willing to fight future Global Cooling at the same time.

There’s no cost to you. It’s all prepaid, simply by visiting TR. But you can support the survival of humanity by clicking the link below and ordering something. After all, it’s For The Children. Let’s put the Green back in Greenland!

Source here. (If you live in Arizona and want a more glossy certificate, here you go. Click on the image above right on the page.)

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One Response to “Global Warming: It’s a Good Thing”

  1. Finicky Penguin Says:

    Nothing brings more honor to me then having a tree destroyed in my honor.


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