International Blog Cup “Competition” Results


I know all of you were waiting with bait-breath to find out if Tacky Raccoons made the first round cut in the “International Blog Cup” competition. We didn’t, even though I, Bunk, voted for myself twice each day for a week.

On the plus side, TR won well over 48% of the votes against a dopey music video advertisement website that takes no talent to post. Bill Clinton got elected President by a smaller percentage. Bunky regards the loss as a bittersweet victory.

34 to 32 is the final count, and TR conceded to our worthy opponent last night at about 11:55PM.  34 votes for our worthy opponent equals only five people who voted each day for a week and who like music videos posted on a bland website that gets it’s material solely from YouTube, and posted without commentary.  Oooh. Beat me, Daddy, Eight to the Bar.  Smacked down by a bot.

But we have more fun, don’t we. Heh.

[Image above from Hanuman showing all 32 TR hits. All in fun. –Bunk]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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