Another Great Christmas Gift Idea



Helps children to improve self-esteem, at least for the one who goes first. Boys go first on the blue one; Girls go first on pink (not shown).

[Image from EatLiver.]


22 Responses to “Another Great Christmas Gift Idea”

  1. Finicky Penguin Says:

    Hours and hours of fun!!!

  2. Butch Says:

    What about that poor girl’s self esteem? She’ll be scarred for life from losing a game!

    I know! Give her a “Sweathog Barbie” and a bucket of ice cream!

  3. Elle Says:

    I Wish my Parents would have given me that for Christmas when I was a Kid

  4. Tarlow Says:

    How do you win?

  5. Jayle Says:

    The perfect gift for the Solipsist!

  6. Johnrobert Says:

    *sniff* its amazing hours of fun and its a tough challenge sooooooo hard

  7. KFC RULES!!! Says:

    i like chicken *and this game*

  8. Bunk Strutts Says:

    FinPeng– I like the way the kid is “Power Pumping” his fist.

    Butch– The girl gets the pink version. The rules on the back of that one say that if one of the players is female, she is entitled to go first.

    Elle– Don’t be sad. You always wished for a pony, remember?

    Tarlow– You win by going first.

    Jayle– I agree… but it’s more of a Zen kinda thing in action.

    Johnrobert– The strategy is all in the preparation. The game itself is just gravy.

    KFC– The ghost of Col. Sanders speaks!

  9. Beeper Says:

    Don’t be fooled by this ad. I spent good money on this toy and I still haven’t conquered it. Heck, they don’t even supply instructions. Jeez….

  10. Bunk Says:

    Ditto that, Beeper. Lotta hand-eye coordination that’s not obvious by looking at the box. Keep at it, and you’ll be a pro in no time!

  11. KFC RULES!!!!! Says:

    This takes skill they have tournaments for ppl to enter and if they win *since its so hard* they get 1mil!!!!! but bunk and beeper are right it DOESN’T come with instructions and it takes alot of hand-eye cordination but it takes serious skill to win 1million buckaroos in that tornament so if you win you have major skill and you could just about enter anything including sports tournaments and still win *hopefully theres a prize* but bunk is wrong you won’t be a pro in no time it may take years but here’s a suggestion PLAY WITH YOUR SISTER and make a bet with her for who wins and you’ll make a fortune and you’ll have alot of skill sooo ya

  12. Bunk Says:

    “KFC RULES” burns up three keyboards a year, just like that. TR is now taking up a collection to offset his expense so he can provide us with more excellent commentary throughout the year. Thanks, KFC!

  13. hustler1 Says:

    It’s tough, but once you get the strategy down it’s not that bad.

  14. Layla Says:

    It seems like a particularly hard game to figure out. There’s way too much logic needed.

  15. Saha Says:

    Haha u guyz are so lame.I beat my sister at it 1 zillion times in a row.

    PWNED all of u .I am the master of integilence .muhahahaha *cough*

  16. Saha Says:

    Haha u guyz are so lame.I beat my sister at it 1 zillion times in a row.

    PWNED all of u .I am the master of integilence . muhahahaha *cough*

  17. Bunk Says:

    Saha– Make up your mind. Which is it? And shouldn’t you be in bed by now?

  18. Saha Says:

    Dude its 4 pm here now

  19. Bunk Says:

    Saha– Wow! So you stayed up all night AND all day? I’m speechless! 😉

  20. KFC RULES!!! Says:

    hey bunk thx and i was see’n how far i could type with out my hands falling off the surgery is over now sooooo oops theres goes another one

  21. KFC RULES!!! Says:

    My sister is killing me but that blue tint keeps me interested

  22. KFC RULES!!! Says:

    I got this for christmas i loooovvvveeeee it but its SO hard i’ve played with my sister but she KILLS me

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