Hotski Linkskis

Amazing mnemonics are archived in the comments section here, including this excellent non-sequitur from Miss Cellania:

“Thirty days hath September
April, June, and no wonder
All the rest eat peanut butter
Except Grandma,
She rides a bicycle.”

I’m not related to Bunk Johnson as far as you know, but you can hear, here.

Visit the exact center of the internet. Be sure to click on it.

Dr. Diabetes (via Diesel).

Les Swazzo’s DooWop Cove Radio has live DJs with a wide variety of tastes/programming style from early ’50s through the ’60s. Excellent, and if you send in a request, tell Les that Bunky sent you.

THIS is one amazing web page. By the time you read this, I’ll have already stolen and posted some .gif’s from it. Simple, but with animations en masse.

See the Tacky Raccoons website as a map. Then load up your own and watch it bloom. [via GrowABrain].

Odd forest of Plantage.

Giant squidgoatse… here.

Make your own animated kaleidoscope.

New talent spotted: Cool Aggregator has a good eye for quality webmining; he linked to TR. (Y’all should follow his example and link here, too.)

Jen at Casual Slack has a nice tribute to Mel Blanc, who would’ve been a h-h-h-h-undred years old Friday 20 May 2008.

Go for it, dude. Macho Macho cones here.

Wanna be part of a new Guiness World Record? Click here for details. I’m in.

ATTENTION WORDPRESS BLOGGERS: RIPOFF ALERT: As this website is approaching its domain name renewal date, we received a notice via snailmail from a company called “LibertyNames of America” of Niagra Falls NY. They offered to renew the domain name for $29.00 for a year’s registration. WordPress offers the same renewal for $15.00 via email notice with link to PayPal. Sump’m just don’t feel right. If you’ve received a similar message, let WordPress know.

[Update:  Apparently this is a common scam, discussed here.]

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