Hoogerbrugge Stickers



This is important. Han Hoogerbrugge has never offered such surreal artwork at such an affordable price. He is selling his stickers for the new low low price of their worth.

But before you write this off as just another tacky plug for another more profitable operation, check out Hoogerbrugge’s website first. Years ago when Bunk was still a dialupper, he’d wait patiently for Hotel episodes to load, as he did for the excellent “Nails” series of animations.

HH’s work is surreal: amazing, amusing and disturbing, all at the same time. He’s the Ken Nordine of the Internet.

[UPDATE: Welcome Grow-A-Brain readers. Help yourselves to whatever isn’t nailed down. –Bunk]


2 Responses to “Hoogerbrugge Stickers”

  1. diesel Says:

    I have no idea who that is, but I do love me some stickers.

  2. Bunk Says:

    Diesel– Believe. Click on the link, Diesel. Click on the link.

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