It’s National Wash Your Cephalopod Day


Springtime is here, or almost is, and something about this photo fascinates and disgusts me at the same time, kinda like goth/emo laundry. I’m not sure if these are squid or octopi, but either way something just isn’t right. Obviously they’re being dried for either food or rain gear, but these sentient denizens of the deep don’t deserve to be humiliated like this.

This image has been lounging around in our “What to Do With This” file for a long time, way before we began tagging the images with their sources. We’d be happy to post the real story if only our crack team of webminers could determine the original source. Comments?

[Welcome Ectoplasmosis readers! If you liked these octopi, you might like the RoboSquid. Feel free to crawl slither hydropropel yourselves around here as long as you want. Just leave a trail of bread crumbs slime crab shells to find your way back.]

[Ditto to Tonmo & WHI readers!]

[UPDATE 22 March 08: ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE! (via here).  Our crack team of webminers just got an extension on their contracts.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

17 thoughts on “It’s National Wash Your Cephalopod Day”

  1. Dan, VE & FinPeng– Wow. All three of you are absolutely right.

    About a week ago I was hanging around a doctor’s office waiting to pee in a cup when I saw a glossy magazine called “SEED.” It had an article on the evolution of eyeballs, and compared human eyes to fly eyes to spider eyes to octopus eyes to potato eyes. By analyzing the structures of the eyeballistics, and the DNA relationships, it concluded that many different eye structures evolved independently to perform the same function. But what does a seed magazine know anyway.

    I think they’re hats, too.


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