Saturday Matinee: NYC Air Vent Zoo


This is cool. So cool that I wish you’d thought of it, and I take back all the nasty things I thought about WordPress while they were revamping their vamps. Video embedding works again, and we’re back to almost normal.

Speaking of dogs, here’s one with a really happy face.

[First two found on RGF. Twice. Second found on the Utoobage by arbitrarily entering “Dog Face” in the search engine.]

Other news: The LA Times has a story on the guy that designed this sign:

Here’s a logical analysis of the design from a young George Lopez. (Caveat: the interview with the “CalTrans director” is staged.)

[Link to story found at GrowaBrain; Utoobage video was emailed to me long ago.]

And since the theme of this post seems to morphing again and that I usually post some vapid music video, here’s C&C with a sweet betime song. (Daughters Bunkessa and Bunkarina both know all the words to this. I dunno why and neither do you.)

[6PM UPDATE BONUS! Been busier than a dog with a bladder problem in a fire hydrant factory the past few weeks. As a result, I didn’t catch this video from Aussie Phil until yesterday. I’d axed him to gimme a taste of Aussie slang, and he posted THIS. It’s all “Crododile Dundid” to me, but there are alot of recobanizable puns in the video. Tip O’ the Tarboosh to Phil… he’s in Room 534.

Here’s the video, but for this yank it really needs captioning. No offense to the only supporters in the world of the Vegemite industry. [Y’all rock, mates.]

3 Responses to “Saturday Matinee: NYC Air Vent Zoo”

  1. phil Cordery Says:

    G’day Bunk
    Glad you liked it
    The more beer you drink, the easier it is to understand
    Cheers from down under

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Phil– I tried that remedy instinctively. I’ll try it more instinctively this coming weekend. Sounds like fun and pain combined with humor so I’m game. (But if Mrs. Strutts gets pissed, I’ll pass the telephone over to you, K?)

  3. Fitzsimmons Says:

    Pretty interesting post.

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