In daylight it just screams “Outta My Way, Butthead!”


But at night, it whispers, “Vaporizer Ignition Sequence Activated.
T minus ten and counting…”

“Check it out at night. This baby can be driven from a seated or standing position, fully envelops five in an interior that’s cozily lit and decoratively carpeted, has a premium sound system, and a centrifugal clutch. Then there’s the external rust patina—better call Maaco right now, because next year this color’s going to be impossible to obtain. Oh, right…not licensed for use on public roads, and the whopping price tag does not include shipping and handling. It’s going to take a lot of handling to get this to your place. On the other hand, it could become your place with just a few minor alterations.”

Before I order it, I need to verify if the water cannon is included or if it’s an after market add-on.  I still want it for neighborhood protection.  Couldn’t verify the size of the cooler either, but I understand that the hologram projector is a standard option.

[Images and italicized description from here.  Buy it for me, here.]

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2 Responses to “I WANT THIS.”

  1. planetross Says:

    That is so very cool! I want one too!

    I did notice the “people who buy items like this” also buy Brazilian Waxing Kits and Forbidden Lego Manuals!

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Plane– The BWK and FLMs are cheapo. We don’t need them. BUT WE DO NEED THE BADONKADONK. I’ll split it with you. You get it on weekends, but I need it for the Badass M-F Commute. K?

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