The .GIF Friday Post 58 – Rover



This needs sound.  Reminds me of “The Prisoner” series with Patrick McGoohan.

“Where am I?”
“In the Village.”
“What do you want?”
“Whose side are you on?”
“That would be telling…. We want information. Information! INFORMATION!”
“You won’t get it.”
“By hook or by crook, we will.”
“Who are you?”
“The new Number Two.”
“Who is Number One?”
“You are Number Six.”
“I am not a number — I am a free man!”
(Laughter from Number Two.)

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2 Responses to “The .GIF Friday Post 58 – Rover”

  1. Dan Says:

    Zorb will save you.

  2. planetross Says:

    I watched all the episodes of The Prisoner a few years ago. Very cool, but the last episode was a bit of a weird one.

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