What Fairies REALLY Look Like



Joachim Knill uses the world’s largest portable polaroid camera for his amazing photos, including this one of a genuine live fairy.

And if you want to see a genuine dead fairy, click here, and be sure to check out the comments… over 1,400 of them, and counting. Join the Great Debate!

A Caveat is in order:  One Bunk Strutts and one Metro had a very heated discussion in the comments section beginning in November 2008.  We both walked away, bloody and sore, but survived the ordeal.  That’s worth the price of admission by itself.

[Image from here, found via Uncertain Times.]

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11 Responses to “What Fairies REALLY Look Like”

  1. raincoaster Says:

    OOOOOOOH! I love Polariods and I love fairies. So I definitely have to steal this!


  2. Fairy Evidence Discovered! « raincoaster Says:

    […] from TackyRaccoons, come clear photographic proof of the existence of these delightful sprites. Polaroids, as everyone […]


  3. steve miller Says:

    for all you people who think this is a real fairy:
    WOW. Please stop reading fantasy books you fools. FAIRYS DONT EXIST YOU MEATHEADS.


  4. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Steve– Sooner or later all Millers and Moths say that. (Besides, here’s the penultimate discussion.)


  5. raincoaster Says:

    Yet another naysayer; WHEN will they learn that we listen only to PROOF!?


  6. Bunk Strutts Says:

    When people like Mr. Miller stop jokin’ and smokin’ and midnight tokin’. It’ll never happen.


  7. Sara Says:

    Well yes polaroids cannot be faked, and yes, fairies do exist, this looks like a painting. And it looks like a painting of a scarecrow fairy. I mean, look at it’s arms made of straw. It looks like someone made a fake one. Come on, it has an acorn for a head! This is obviously a painting or something. And fairies do exist, I’ve seen the proof.


  8. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Sara– It’s a well-known fact that many fairies are chimaera, shape changers, especially in the presence of humans with giant polaroid cameras. This one appears to be a rare meadow fairy in full camouflage regalia. But have no fear the Fairy Proof is here.


  9. Angel Says:

    I may like fairies, but this is not a fairy. It looks like a “scare crow” to me. This picture looks like photo made in those animation programs Like 3Dmax,CRD ect.


  10. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Angel– Go to the link above (Joachim Knill) and you’ll not only see that it was not photoshopped, but that he’s titled it “Scarecrow Fairy.”


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