Sunday Matinee – To Our Non-Yankee Friends

Following in the footsteps of our Fearless Leader, I must apologize for yesterday’s post, as it addressed my fellow citizens while overlooking our friends around the globe.  To make up for this egregious oversight, here are some video picks for everybody.

For Nurse Myra, Phil, Archie & others in and from the land of Oz.

For Herr Eagle. [Vielen Dank für die Ausschreibung. Der Aufstand bewegt sich mit uns Ihre Pläne.]

For Chiqui and others. [Had a difficult time finding a funny video from Spain, as the Utoobage is undergoing some revamping. Video found here.]

The last one is for Rain & Metro and the rest of my friends from Canuckistan.

If  I’ve overlooked any of your homelands, let me know in the comments and I’ll make up for it in a future post.  (Please respond in English, otherwise it looks like spam.)  In other words:

Si je n’ai négligé aucun de vos pays d’origine, faites le moi savoir dans les commentaires et je ferai en place pour lui dans un futur poste. ( S’il vous plaît répondre en anglais, sinon, ça ressemble à du spam.)

Pokud jsem přehlížet jakékoliv vaše vlasti, dejte mi vědět do komentářů a uvidíme se až na to v budoucnu post. ( Odpovězte prosím v angličtině, jinak to vypadá jako spam.)


Als ik het heb over een van uw vaderland, laat het me weten in de reacties en ik zal je make-up voor het in een toekomstige functie.  (Gelieve te reageren in het Engels, anders is het er uit ziet spam.)


Если я игнорировать любые Ваши хоумленды, дайте мне знать в комментариях, и я, естественно, составляют для него в будущем пост. (Просьба ответить на Английский, иначе это выглядит как спам.)

Wenn ich übersehen habe jede Ihrer Heimat, lassen Sie mich wissen, in den Kommentaren und ich machen es in einem zukünftigen Post. (Bitte antworten Sie in Englisch, sonst sieht es aus wie Spam.)

Blame any and all mistranslations above on Google Translate.

Your Pal, Bunk

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Matinee – To Our Non-Yankee Friends”

  1. plane– Regarding Weird Al, consider that he’s the ONLY one with enough talent to cover Michael Jackson’s songs. As for the Mackenzie Bros., deep down we’re all hosers at heart. Or at least most of you are.


  2. Rain–
    That was an easy slowpitchfunjab at you and Sr. Metro! You missed it?
    The divine Mrs.Strutts attended artichoke school at SLO with Mr. Y. when he hit the Big Time with Dr. Demento. Mr. Y got kicked out for paying underling students to do his projects for him.

    On a somewhat related topic, Rush (yes, THAT Rush) commented that Michael Jackson was so talented that no one had ever covered his music… One of Rush’s staff pointed out that W.A.Y. had done it and got away with it.


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