Pre-ChatRoulette FAIL

All I can say is, “That’s an awesome shadow, Catwoman. Is your name ‘Walter’ ?”

[Unedited image found here.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

9 thoughts on “Pre-ChatRoulette FAIL”

  1. I tried to click on “Repert this image” so that I could report that image but all I got was a bigger more scarier image of the creepy scary catwoman lady


  2. I’m really glad it’s only a heashot, imagine the whole body in that tight figure hugging slinky black outfit… Shudder, I would definitely repert that


  3. Tony– Stupid keyboard. Repert, heashot, shoudl… that’s three strikes.

    Leeuna– I will repert, however, that your website is entertaining and our readers shoudl check it out. I’ve added it to the blogroll; it appears between Neatorama and Miss Cellania. You’ve got good company there.


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