Snake Calculation

I never take a challenge sitting down, so when Steamboat McGoo spotted a black racer on his chimney and asked for estimates on its length, how could I refuse?  After all, my ancestors specialized in reptilian length prognostication.

S. McGoo rewarded me with the honor of posting my snake calculations DIRECTLY UNDER HIS BANNER HEADER. (Click on the image unadulterated big to make it.)

Such an honor bestowed requires reciprocity, so I’ve added Aaardvarks & Asshats to our glorious blogroll. You goo, McGo!

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

5 thoughts on “Snake Calculation”

  1. I’m honored, Mssr. Strutts!

    I did some research and found that Bunk Strutts is an americanization of the old Bladerdashii word Bundrestudts, which – further – is an (apparently vulgar!) mis-characterization of the ancient Groinic phrase Budrender stusturburgure which roughly translates to Stretching the ol’ Serpent 🙂

    What precisely this art or trade was, however, has been lost to antiquity! 🙂


  2. St. Mc. — Nice etymological sleuthing on your part. Except for one typo (“Groinic” should be “Groenic,” a common error) you are correct.

    Alternative translations of the phrase “Budrender stusturburgure” include “asphyxiating game (esp. of fowl) prior to preparation for consumption,” and “lacerating the butchered muscle.”

    Family lore has it that our ancestors were snake/lizard skinners, which is close enough for me.


  3. Ah! Snake/lizard skinners!

    So they were associated with the belt & boot & musical instrument industry!

    An ancient and honorable craft.

    McGoo comes from a word meaning nose-hair pluckers & braiders, so I’ve been told. A lost art, I’m afraid….


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