11 September 2001 – Remember Always

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

4 thoughts on “11 September 2001 – Remember Always”

  1. Buon Giorno, Senor Bunk

    The Internet can be unForgivingly unForgetting

    As my friend Mr Bingley observed (almost) :

    “Nay, this is too much, [it is hard for an Eagle to have] to remember at night all the foolish things that [he] said in the morning. And yet, upon my honour …… I did not assume [this] character … merely to show off before the ladies”

    [P&P Volume I, Chapter 10]

    Hier in Inglaterra, it was more than enough that we lost 52 innocent Citizens, because of the murderous actions of 4 Evil Criminals (and their Criminal Associates)

    At the Twin Towers, the Poor United States lost almost 3,000 innocent civilians – this was more than were killed at Pearl Harbour

    BUT it is surprising is how little attention seems to be given to how many Muslims are being murdered by these “Muslim” Criminals …. both at the Twin Towers and in the London Bombings

    ….. and indeed, these “Muslim” Criminals are continuing to murder hundreds (or is it thousands) of their fellow-Muslims (and others) in Afghanistan …. Iraq and Pakistan …. and Indonesia

    Again, sympathies to our Friends in the United States, who did not deserve this to happen to them

    Remaining your obedient servant etc

    G Eagle


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