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10 Responses to “Catnapper”


    Too bad this is too big for your sidebar.


  2. Lemur King Says:

    My cat would love to get her butt even closer to my nose and lips for some reason. I have never seen a critter more willing to “share the goodness”.

    If she could keep her sphincters away from my face I’d be proud to wear a cat-tail sleeping mask.


  3. Lemur King Says:

    Hell yes, that’s a good link Soylent.


  4. mrmacs Says:

    2nd that LK. Awesome pics. Good find Bunk.

    Yes, our cats do the same.


  5. Bunk Strutts Says:

    SG– Way ahead of you bro! =)

    Don’t know if I told anyone, but the guy whose raccoon photo I cropped for the header got all pissy that I “stole” his image. If he does it again, I’m gonna post a different image lifted from his site and fully credit it. I guarantee he won’t be amused. 😀

    LK– Cat’s butts are not allowed down our hall, let alone near my air intake valve. They are allowed in the dryer, though.

    mrmacs– Poorly trained cats are nothing but furry lizards. Trained cats are the same. 😉


  6. planetross Says:

    A two tailed cat!!! … or is that the guy’s mustache?


  7. mrmacs Says:

    Hey! I love my cats.

    I just can’t eat more than one…


  8. Bunk Strutts Says:

    plane– Mutations are both odd and varied. The guy has a mustache growing out of his eyelids. Please don’t mock what he can’t control.

    mrmacs– “Eat them before they spoil. If they spoil, you will starve.”
    –Sun Tzu


  9. mrmacs Says:

    Plane, the cat is actually a Manx (no tail). The guy in the picture has a hellacious monobrow AND mustache.

    Spoiled or not, I learned the phrase “Thump and Muck” in USAF Survival School. Road kill is still protein, just tenderized.


  10. Bunk Strutts Says:

    mrmacs– Yep. Food is food. The tenderizing process just makes cleaning the carcass tougher, and you can’t just bleed ’em either.


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