R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart

“Bunk! Andrew Breitbart’s on the phone!”

I had the pleasure of talking with Andrew on the phone a few times last summer. Good guy who is already missed.

Nice tribute from Iowahawk here.

Robert Stacy McCain has a good send off, as does longtime friend Michael Walsh.

Patterico‘s got one, too.

Andrew Breitbart exposed and publicized so much hypocrisy, egregious fraud, blatant governmental/bureaucratic corruption and malfeasance that one would think that he’d be a hero to all, regardless of one’s political affiliation, JUST FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING.

That he’s not recognized for those contributions by all is a travesty.


Here’s classic Breitbart at CPAC 10 February 2012.


In October 2011, Andrew Breitbart called into a podcast aired by The Blogmocracy to talk about Charles Johnson. (Johnson was a once prominent blogger who decided to turn on many of his former friends and allies, Breitbart being one of them.) Here is a brief of what went down:

Everything leading up to that interview was pure awesome. Once The Boiler Room Crew had the archives of ALL of Charles Johnson’s comments on LGF, on a whim I emailed Breitbart to see if he was interested in them. He emailed back within minutes. “Call me.”

So I did. I told him about DoD and what the BRC had done, and he was laughing. A couple of phone calls and emails later, I mentioned the upcoming Blogmocracy Radio podcast and asked him if he’d like to call in to talk about CJ or anything else. He was interested.

The day of the show was nerve wracking. We couldn’t announce the “Special Guest” ahead of time without confirmation, so I emailed him just in case he’d changed his mind.

He responded with two words: “I’m in.”

At that point we went into promo mode, but we still couldn’t say who the “Guest” was going to be – we didn’t want the lizards clogging up the BlogMockRadio switchboard and giving m a bunch of crap.

If you listen to the first few minutes of the show [full unedited archive here] you can tell that Savage and Rodan were nervous, not knowing if and when Andrew would call in. Once he did, it was a blast.

Thanks Andrew.


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