You Must Be Logged In Error – WorpDress Strikes Again

[This post will remain at the top of the list until Word Press either fixes the problem or undoes it.  Scroll down for the newer stuff. –Bunk]

Not that we get a lot of comments here, but if you try to post one you may get this error message:

WordPress decided to make some platform changes yesterday [13 March] without telling anyone. One of the problems is that commenting is blocked unless you have a WP account, or log in with FB or something. Brilliant.

A lot of bloggers on the WordPress Forum  are pissed, and for good reason.

Meanwhile a blogger friend figured out a work around until WP fixes the problem they created. Here’s the direct link for a step-by-step temporary fix to allow you to comment with your Gravatar:


And here’s a typical comment from the WP forum:

This is just a complete mess, I’ve had a tiny fraction of the usual number of comments at my blog today, with a bunch of people emailing me to say they can’t log in to comment.

Did I miss an email from WordPress to warn this was going to happen?

What is the solution here for people who don’t have WordPress accounts – and don’t want one – and don’t want to sign in with their Twitter/Facebook accounts to comment?

Please WordPress, undo the changes you made asap, this is a mess.

[Update 16 March: Possible reasons for the change, detected and described by ChenZhen here.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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