Great Gifts For Dad


Gifts For Dad 2012

As for the Meglinating Variable Intensity Multifunction Power Tool, I have one and it works great. You have to replace the Narvis coupling occasionally, but that only takes a couple of minutes. Buy spares.

The Narvis coupling is the weak link, and if you don’t have a spare or two handy, you’re screwed. Many agree that it should not be replaced unless a trammel gear fails. I made that mistake once.

If you’ve already got some davised camshanks, you’ve got spares as long as you’re willing to replace the panfold bushings, refrog and align them. Be sure that you have the proper torque trimmer, otherwise you’ll need to disassemble and rebuild every one of the winders, and you’ll end up buying a full set of trammel gears.

P.S. Forget the Bono goggles. Put ’em on and every good lookin’ woman looks like Sonny. I gave mine away for free.

[Found here.]

Update: Download the Hazard Fraught Tools catalog.

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