THIS is abhorrent.

For all you young people who read this blog, the only thing you need to know about ObamaCare is that the US Congress exempted itself from having to participate. They are going to make you pay, big time.

“The Large Print giveth, and the Small Print taketh away.”
Tom Waits

As my own father is stuck in the red tape of the Veterans Administration bureaucracy, President Obama chose to shut down processing of veterans’ claims for purely political reasons. Anyone who’s ever dealt with the VA knows that it’s slow drudgery, but for the current Administration to stall it further is obscene.

This is not the fault of the GOP because Boehner & Co. have no control over the shut down of Federal facilities. This IS a political maneuver by President Obama  and Senate Majority Leader Reid to make it as painful to the American public as possible in order to pass the greatest tax increase in U.S. history, aka ObamaCare. To use US Veterans  as a political wedge is abhorrent and a  misuse of power.

Polls after polls show that the US public opposes force-fed progressive – collectivist programs  like ObamaCare by a huge margin. Is the Obama Administration claiming that over 2/3 of the US Populace are idiots?  Yes.

So we have an impasse. A fork in the road. Do we, as the Greatest Free Nation in the history of the world, cave in to socialism and let the rest of the civilized world fall to ruin, or do we hold our ground, backed by the US Constitution?

I suggest we choose the latter, and fight for it, just as our more enlightened ancestors did.  There is no acceptable alternative.

Click to access CDOC-110hdoc50.pdf

Author: Bunk Strutts

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