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How The Whale Became

25 September has been designated “National One Hit Wonder Day,” a tribute to the artists and bands that made it into the Top 40 only once. Here’s a list.

Here’s one of my favorite One Hit Wonders. Too retro? Try this one.

Astounding: The real story behind The Sound of Music and The Von Trapp Family.

Interactive Street View map of 1850-2000 San Francisico has some cool photos of historic buildings and streetscapes [via].

The Dancing Straw Hats [via].

Armadillo messes with a dog.

A friend posted this elsewhere:

Found a cool website the other day. Shortwave radio stations from around the world. You can dial in the frequency you want on any of the radios. I found a station called UVB-76 otherwise known as “The Buzzer”. It sends out a buzz tone repeatedly 24/7. Once in a while numbers are spoken in Russian. It’s been broadcasting since 1982 and no one knows why. (frequency 4625 kHz)

Ted Hughes’ “How the Whale Became” is a children’s book I never read, but it was made into an opera, and the opera had an official trailer. [Top image from here. More info here.]


Pro-Clinton woman can’t handle seeing Trump/Pence signs. Kudos to the policeman who had to deal with her.
Warning: Multiple F-bombs and bird flipping.

Regarding the “Peaceful Protests” in Charlotte N.C. last week, there’s this unvarnished commentary:


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3 Responses to “Living Breathing Hot Links”

  1. RobinKaty Says:

    Contours for the win, I think I saw that on the the original airing and thinking WTF! I may or may not have indulged at the time…

  2. RobinKaty Says:

    I think I saw FOCUS on the the original airing

  3. Bunk Strutts Says:

    RobinK– Both groups got a lotta radio play. For years I thought that the Contours were the Isley Brothers.

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