We Remember- 7 December 1941


Correction. WAR was declared upon U.S. by Japan by the unprovoked attack, and the U.S. responded.

Dad always stamped his letters with this:


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2 Responses to “We Remember- 7 December 1941”

  1. robert granger Says:

    I think I have been around too long, I remember that Stamp! My 3 Uncles served in WWII, thanks to your Pop too!

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:


    Papa Strutts was too young for WWII, but he served in the Navy during the Korean War. We grew up listening to Victory At Sea.

    The missus’ Uncle Harry was in the Army and was in Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Once he realized that the attack was not a drill he dove under the first large object he could find. After the bombing and the strafing stopped, he learned that the big large object was a fully loaded ammo truck.

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