Supercutaneous Hot Links


The antonym for the prefix “sub” may be “super,” but “supercutaneous” just doesn’t sound right.

An AI humanoid taught itself how to, um, walk. More here.

The straightest line between two points is an arc. Proof.

In memory of Zippo.

She looks familiar.

Clever girl. [h/t Rory P]

When Brain Police attack.

Czesława Kwoka (1928 – 1943) was a Polish Catholic child who died in the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp at the age of 14. She was murdered with a phenol injection into the heart.

China built a solar farm shaped like a giant panda. True.

The literal translations of the names of countries is cool. I’ve been to Land Of The Rabbits and In The Navel Of The Moon, but I haven’t been to The Village. Surprisingly, the translation of Iceland is Ice Land.

Actors cold-read statistics for a PSA and learned something in the process [via].

Radioactive cars from the Fukushima disaster are slowly being eaten by nature.

[Top image: Три українських жінки з яблуком found here.]

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