Monoblepsial Hot Links

Slinky treadmill [via].

Pac-Man self-portrait.

My boss turned herself into a potato.”

Dominican Republic Quarantine Police.

Meanwhile at the Mattress Races. [Story here.]

Even with all the hoarding, there are still some generous people out there.

From the Instant Karma Department: Venezuelan Warship Attacks German Cruise Ship, Rams It and Sinks Itself.

Inspired by The Lemon Juice Bandits, David Dunning and Justin Kruger of Cornell University did a study and discovered that stupid people often don’t realize they’re stupid.

On homemade fabric masks: “Common fabrics have pores too large for viruses (that are about 100 nanometer in diameter) and most airborne droplets that contain viruses.”
-Dr. You-Lo Hsieh, professor at the University of California

From the Archives: 1 year ago. 5 years ago. 10 years ago.

[Top image from Bunkarina via FB.]

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