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Once a Babe Magnet, always a Babe Magnet.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


What to do when your Babe Magnet bites the dust?  Rent it out!  Face it, there’s value in everything, and in this case, the upholstery still works.

Tattoo Mullet Ricky (as he’s known to locals) has made several economical improvements to his efficiency unit, adding  solar screening to reduce the heat gain, and a semi-recessed composter for waste recycling.

His night job breaking down pallets for firewood gave him the idea to upgrade his living space.  Now he can get a decent day’s sleep without being shooed from bus benches and dumpster enclosures.  At night, he rents out the room to those less fortunate than he in exchange for something that kinda makes our skin crawl just to think about it.

[Image from TYWKIWDBI.  Related post here.]

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