Martin Luther King, Jr. (15 January 1929 – 4 April 1968)

“And so I say to you today that I still stand by nonviolence. And I am still convinced that it is the most potent weapon available to the Negro in his struggle for justice in this country. And the other thing is that I am concerned about a better world. I’m concerned about justice. I’m concerned about brotherhood. I’m concerned about truth. And when one is concerned about these, he can never advocate violence. For through violence you may murder a murderer but you can’t murder. Through violence you may murder a liar but you can’t establish truth. Through violence you may murder a hater, but you can’t murder hate. Darkness cannot put out darkness. Only light can do that.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Atlanta, Georgia
16 August 1967

[Image source: Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story (1958). Excerpted quote found here.]

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Always Remember which political party supported slavery, promoted racism and segregation, and which political party successfully fought against it.

Some things never change.




Martin Luther King Jr.’s Own Words

26 March 1964 - Martin Luther King, Jr. meets with Malcom X .

[Contrast the following with MLK’s famous  “I Have A Dream” speech. I have not edited the text. Read it all. -Bunk]

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The Montgomery Story

Martin Luther King Jr. was born 15 January 1929. Its a shame that so many self-serving politicians and faux civil rights organizations have co-opted and distorted his legacy.

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