Boy, 10, Brought Home by Mothership



Basil Mills, Nebraska – (Strutts News Services)

While 10-year-old Donny Plunck played the time-tested game of “See-How-Far-You-Can-Throw-A-Rock,” trouble was brewing. Unaware that he’d been tracked down by a larger and more intelligent force, he suddenly found himself airborne, and was transported back to his home over a mile away, by his left wrist.

Donny recalled the ordeal vividly. “It was a frightening eerie silence, all the way home, except for the wind.”

He was levitated all the way to his bedroom door when he heard a booming voice from above: “I TOLD you to clean your room! Now DO IT before your FATHERSHIP comes home!”

Donny was not harmed in any way, and his room was spotless by 5:23PM.

Photo via Neatorama. Sort of.

6 Responses to “Boy, 10, Brought Home by Mothership”

  1. Lee Says:

    Oh Right !
    So thats not a kid doin a handstand @ the 4 corners eh ?

    Good one !


  2. Alpaca the Awesome Says:

    Having UFOs for parents would be AWESOME!!!


  3. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Lee– Do you see his hand touching the Mothership? No. A finger? Nope. Light poles that were Photoshopped into the Neatorama post that makes it look like he was doing a handstand? Of course not. End of argument.


  4. Miss Cellania Says:

    Clever. Love it!


  5. Lee Says:

    Oh Shirty !
    Only havin a giraffe mate !


  6. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Lee– So was I! Sorry you thought I was being shirty.


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