HE has a sense of humo(u)r.



Yamba, New South Wales – (Strutts News Services)

Once again, GOD played a prank on the seaside community of Yamba on Thursday when he purchased a bottle of Ivory Liquid, metasized it, and poured it into the Pacific Ocean just 10 miles off the coast. The ocean knew what to do and churned up foam that spread 30 miles.

“Only the Almighty could pull one off like this,” said resident Robert “Dinker” Dinques. “We joke alot that HE must be bored watching us and all, and once in a while HE stirs the pot up a bit.”


Photos via Arbroath. True story may be found there as well.

4 Responses to “HE has a sense of humo(u)r.”

  1. Alpaca the Awesome Says:

    Is that snow in the first picture?

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Nope. It’s sea foam, and it really happened… Not for the first time, either.

  3. Nessa Says:

    That is funny. i don’t care where you’re from. So was karma Ghost.

  4. Alpaca the Awesome Says:

    Sea foam…that’s what the little mermaid turned into at the end of the original fairy tale.

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