Brain-Bat Man Bitch-Slapped on Basic Grammar

Brain Bat_Hypnogoria 090802

“It’s ‘HAS slipped in,’ you moron! Not ‘HIS!’

What a great comeback.
[Found here. Hypnogoria is an amazing site. Related posts here and here.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

15 thoughts on “Brain-Bat Man Bitch-Slapped on Basic Grammar”

  1. Nervous as one be about openly expressing a view divergent from that of such a distinguished non-flying avian (who has a multiple-chainsaw wielding Bear as a Friend)


    err …. don’t you mean “honoUred” (pronounciated “onurred”)


  2. All these extra U’s confuse me. Also, what is your favorite color?

    You don’t have to respond, I’m not going to put you through all that labor.

    But that’s enough out of me. Sorry if you found this lacking in humor.


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