Saturday Matinee: Peaches En Regalia

Bunk loves this song, especially THIS version of this song. Looks like SNL footage of Frank Zappa’s 1976 entourage.

[If it doesn’t play, try this:

Zappa’s line up back then was amazing. Might be Jean Luc-Ponty on the invisible violin; Terry Bozzio on drums; Ruth Underwood on xylophone; maybe Roy Estrada on bass. Zoot Allures era.

Any FZ fans wanna leave comments to clear this up?

Zappa was only on SNL once, and was banned for mugging too much in the skits. You can find the two other SNL/Zappa vids on the Utubage if you hunt for ’em.

“…they’re pretty good musicians, and the musicians are pretty good…”— FZ, from “Green Rosetta.” Make a muffin really betta.

[UPDATE: Something yanked the link to the video originally posted. Here’s the same video from a different source. –Bunk]

[UPDATE 2: Seems that anything posted from SNL is now verboten. I’ve added a new version of my favorite Peaches. Slightly lesser quality video, but let’s see how long this one lasts. –Bunk]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Matinee: Peaches En Regalia”

  1. Wow. That brings tears to my eyes. What a great musician! I saw every single show they did in Chicago in the 70s and 80s. And I have the bad hearing to prove it! My ears actually bled during one Auditorium show. (It was worth it – Haha!)


  2. Moon–
    Those were the glory years. I saw FZ in Cleveland, with atrocious acoustics, then later in Houston, sitting in the nosebleed seats, listening to the echoes. Zappa was amazing. What looked like improvisation and ad-libbing never was.
    Check out “He’s So Gay” on the u-toobage… several different takes, several different concerts, all funny. The melody is from “What’s Your Name” by Don and Juan, except in 4/4 time, and without the classic ending: “… ShooBeDooWop-BaDaa.”


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