LOL FERRET: Episode 1

[Bosley photos courtesy of Bo Weez.]

UPDATE: For anyone considering having a ferret, please do your homework. They have specific needs unrelated to dogs and cats. Here’s a start:

[Update 3 June 2011 – Cleaned up the .jpg images and mushed them into one .png. Lift it if you like, just give credit back. –Bunk]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

24 thoughts on “LOL FERRET: Episode 1”

  1. Wow I hate f*****g web-speak. Why dont you get a life you f*****g queer.

    [Wow. “Frankie” from Tampa Bay really hates ferrets, and thinks they can read, so we forwarded his intelligent commentary to the ferret of this post. Bosley replied that we should post his email address so that others may thank “Frankie” for his constructive criticism personally. After our shareholders meeting, the board of directors of Tacky Raccoons decided that posting Frankie’s email address was not necessary as “Frankie” is already a miserable person who needs help. –Bunk]


  2. Folks, this is one of the most popular posts on Tacky Raccoons. Glad y’all like it. I’d like to have a ferret, but they are illegal in California except for the ones elected to office in Sacramento. Cats are forced on me instead.


  3. What a great idea about having a LOLFerretz site where people put up their pictures.

    I already have a Ferretoons page on my site and was recently introduced to LOLCats by my daughter. I made up some LOLFerrets posters to put on the site but I reckon it’d be great to have other people’s pictures up there too – being an old grandma, I don’t think I’ve quite got “the speak” down pat to make the captions funny enough :-))


  4. Thanks for turning Bosley into a internet star. FYI he has moved out with my son and is the official “Frat Rat” at Sigma Chi fraternity. The guys fight over him on the weekends because he is considered a babe magnet for attracting co-eds!!


  5. Awe… I miss my babies 😦 They were ferrets.. one was losing his hair, he was a sweetie. He was on the tan/white side, and he had black feet, his tip of tail was black, and he was just cute. I got him on my 10th birthday.. his name was Pooh after Winny the Pooh… we had Baby (our first baby) just a few months before, and she was a rascal. Pooh was old though.. and Baby was white all over. Different shades 🙂 they were beautiful! We had to get rid of them though, because we were moving and we had no place to put them. No place “warm”! Made me mad. I cried and cried and couldn’t stop. Now my mom says were not getting any ferrets now, because they stink. I told her we can de-stink em’ every month! (spray them with good smelling stuff, I can’t remember the name sorry!) and she still says no. Kody has em’ now.. I wonder if there still alive.. I hope so! (I’m 13 now so they should still be alive) Heh… I remember when I was wearing my pj’s and Baby crawled up my left leg, and Pooh ran up my right. It tickled.. 😥 and I saw this song on youtube, about ferrets, and I sang it to Baby and Pooh.. they just stared at me like I was crazy… the song was called “Youtube – Budweiser – Song of the Ferret”. Youtube is down for Maintenance right now, so I don’t know the lyrics right now… I believe the ferret got eaten by the shark at the end, but it might not be true. It could be a different video, but I hated the ending. My brother laughed, but my mouth dropped open.. 😦 excuse me for this buuut… I MISS MY BABIES!!! .:^c^:.
    -Nicole ♥’s her babies


  6. Nicole–

    So sorry to hear about your loss… You’re a True-Blue Ferret Fan for sure.

    BUT CONSIDER THIS: In just a few years you’ll be able to have as many ferrets as you want. I honestly believe that you are destined to become the ferrets’ equivalent of the “crazy cat lady” that makes the news every so often: “Woman Found Living With Over 75 Ferrets In One Bedroom Apartment – Survived on Skittles and Potato Buds Alone.”

    Okay, I’m just funnin’ y’all on the “crazy ferret lady” thing; but I found the video you referred to, and I’ll post it on your behalf. Be back here for this week’s “Saturday Matinee.” –Bunk


  7. So cute…I’ve always wanted a ferret. I’ve taken care of my cousin’s before and my parents know I can take care of them, but my mom says I can’t have some because they smell.

    She said I could get one, but I didn’t take that offer because ferrets need to be in groups of two or more…she was like “STOP BEING GREEDY” lol

    But if you need help with the LOLspeak I can help. I’m not that good at it, but…whatevs.



  8. Hannah– Sorry to hear that some of your cousins smell. Oop, misread that. Apologies to your cousins.

    Weasel’s ferret was a lone pet, so I’m not sure that they need to have pals, but I’m not an authority on ferretocity.

    As for the LOLSPEAK, I resign. When this (and others) were posted, I admit that I was iggernant of the RULES; but if I need some translations, I’ll gladly accept your offer. Please send me some examples of your work, and I’ll post them with credit.


  9. thts o kut! as u can see iz either good at txting and or lolspeak( its a thing)!
    i have 2 ferrets of my own, bandit(mine) and 413(my dad’s,i got the name from 13 being an unlucky number and 4 also. btw i was just joking about the name, untill my dad called her tht:)
    well anyway my ferreto was also loosing fur, so we took him to the vet and he had Adrenal disease 9which is usually detected during the spring or fall, as it affects the hormones that make the fur grow. When affected ferrets shed their winter coat, the fur does not grow back) but he is a lot better!!! i am very sorry for anyone who has lost or had there ferret taken away, and sorry 4 the person who cleans there cage(the ferrets cage)


  10. sooo cute! we call that sharkin’ around over here. little tato sharks around more than he walks!

    tato is a lone wolf tho- as much as we’d like to get him a buddy, it’s just too much of a poop fiesta! he seems pleased to harass me and my fiancee anyway.


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